Seller's guide

Deciding to Sell

Selling your home can be both an important emotional and financial decision. It’s important to identify why you want to sell and your plan post-sale. I can help guide you through whatever decision you choose.


Meeting Nate

Give me a call! We’ll talk on why you want to move, your future plans, the home-selling process and I’ll answer any specific questions you may have. The sooner we meet the better prepared we’ll be to assist in the selling of your home.


Pricing & Marketing Strategy

Together we’ll create an extensive strategy for the sale of your home. I’ll answer any questions you may have on the marketplace and form a specific marketing strategy for you. We’ll talk on what the starting price should be and I will give you a recommended price we should start at.


Prepping Your Home

It’s time to make your home look good inside and out. Decluttering, cleaning and landscaping are all ways to make your home more appealing. I know how difficult it can be to get your home ready, I can recommend professional stagers, contractors, and other industry professionals to get your home ready!


Marketing & Showings

Time to show off your home! Once we have professional photos taken your property will be listed on hundreds of websites and even have its own URL. Along with being blasted over the internet your home will be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.


Receiving & Negotiating Offers

Once we receive an offer (or several) it is time to negotiate! I’ll do my research to better understand the buyer and position ourselves so that we can negotiate with confidence. All offers will be presented to you in a timely and professional manner.


Contract to Closing

Once we’re under contract there will typically be an inspection, appraisal, and other contingencies.  If any latent or unknown items are found during the inspection we will negotiate any request for repairs. If all tasks are completed with no issue we move to closing. Congratulations on the sale of your home!

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